Eager to do more after the success of our whale shark encounter, we bid goodbye to our landlady and ride again a yellow “Ceres” bus (main bus company in Cebu) bound to Bato bus station. After approximately thirty (30) minutes of bus ride, we reached the terminal where we ride another bus bound to Moalboal. We asked the driver to drop us in Ginatilan bus stop (in front of Julie’s Bakeshop). A few minutes later, we saw the landmark and a signage saying “THIS WAY TO INAMBAKAN FALLS” which the driver pointed out after a snap. As usual, Habal-Habal drivers made a commotion when we get-off of the bus and hurriedly asked us to get their service by driving us to Inambakan Falls jump-off point. After fifteen (15) minutes ride, we can already hear the rush of water flowing nearby that we knew we’re almost near our destination. We told our driver to fetch us after two hours knowing that we have to do some trekking to reach Inambakan and the other falls, Bugnawan Falls, above the former.


The trail to the falls is an easy one with concrete stairways complete of handrails and lush of greens on the side. On our way to the falls, whirling current and smooth flowing water on the other end enchanted us that we quickly cross the stream to feel the cool-light blue water and wash our feet at the same time. After taking enough pictures, we heads up and continue our walk to reach Inambakan Falls. Don’t forget to pay P10 fee in a nipa hut before you go down the stairs that will lead you to the falls. Foreigners in their one piece (what the… they were in their briefs!) welcome us when we reach the falls. It takes a few moment before we had our chance to take photos of the crystalline water flowing from above which is pouring in a deep-blue shade of basin. Inambakan Falls is indeed a great spot everyone should not missed when touring Cebu.


Though the fresh water is enchanting, we opt not to swim knowing that we still have to trek for about fifteen minutes to reach Bugnawan Falls which is located above Inambakan. Unlike the previous trail, trekking Inambakan brought confusion to us and nobody was available to point out which way is the right way. Better to clarify and get advise from locals that you will meet along the way to Inambakan before you proceed. To put it in a nutshell, we got lost for about ten minutes before we decided to go back and take the other trail. (BOOM!) Finally, after climbing several not-so-big rocks and doing some vine swinging (while singing Katy Perry’s “ROAR”) we’ve reached Bugnawan Falls. Unlike Inambakan Falls, Bugnawan have a narrow basin and approximately only 10 meters high but its peaceful and serene surrounding (bonus that we were the only tourist that time) make it a unique falls from Inambakan. All the confusion and steep trekking is surely worth finishing when you reach this place.


I don’t know why but we stayed much longer here in Bugnawan than in Inambakan Falls. When our set time is nearing, we immediately go down to meet our driver and head straight to San Pedro Calungsod Church to say a little prayer and guidance during our stay in Cebu. This church is right in front of Ginatilan Plaza and Market where we had our late lunch that day.

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IMG_20131201_1300211455929_712465782096781_1632687514_n       After saying our thanks for making it in one piece on our second day in Cebu, we decided to move on with our adventure and be prepared for another day touring the province. We go back to the bus stop and ride Ceres bus going to Cebu City via Barili and got-off to Moalboal where we looked for a room to stay. We where lucky enough to get a room with two beds for only P100 per head. For those who can stay in a non-aircon place and just looking for a place to sleep, the room for rent is just behind a cafeteria along Moalboal road where bus and pedicabs load and unload passenger. Just ask a local (not the tricycle drivers) where you will find a transient house near a health center (or was that lying in? That I can’t figure out until now!). A rare opportunity to save more money! Click here for our complete itinerary and expenses.


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