Approximately ten hours to go and 2014, year of the horse, is here. Marking 2013 year end, as usual, I will enlist here my new bucket list that are lofty yet tangible and challenging yet I know are all attainable. Though most of my to-do-things for the last two years (which may also include in here) did not happen as planned, doing such listing allows me to dream big, explore more and pursue to be a much better person. As usual, list marked in PINK are done and to access my write-ups about them, do so by clicking over it. Let’s see if I can fill this page with color pink.

  1. Watch a Theater Play, Musical or Opera
  2. Have a Full Body Massage
  3. Stargaze or visit a Planetarium
  4. Do Horseback Riding
  5. Visit Ilocos Norte and Take a Photo Op in Bangui Wind Mill
  6. Try Gun Shooting
  7. Get Advice from a Fortune Teller
  8. Buy Myself a Bicycle
  9. Ride an Elephant
  10. Taste and Play with Snow
  11. Visit South Korea
  12. Ride a Helicopter
  13. Shower the Leaves of Autumn Tree during Fall
  14. Experience White River Rafting
  15. Target and Play Paint Ball or Laser Tag
  16. Go Parasailing/Paragliding
  17. Be Dropped and do Skydiving (Wow!)
  18. Climb Mt. Apo
  19. Attend MAMA 2014 (if rumor is true that it will be held in the country)
  20. Watch ASAP Live

Drafting this twenty (20) things to do is a nice start to celebrate the upcoming year. With high hopes and courage, I promise to achieve this things and experience every relevant opportunity that I will encounter with all my might… FIGHTING!!!


Feel free to leave comments here... Thanks!

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