2016 has gone so fast and my 30 years of existence is nearly approaching. Yap, I will be celebrating my 30th birthday  this year! I guess it’s one of the reason why I worked hard and decided to had a full-time online job aside from my normal 8-6 office work since January 2016. I had to start saving more money for I will, and definitely, need to quit my corporate job to materialize my dream of having my own small-scale business or be a full-time digital nomad. If you want to be bothered with the details, you can read my post about it.

Moving on, to keep a balance working relationship with my two employers and decreased the withdrawals of my getaway fund to prepare for the upcoming big leap in my life, I eventually had to minimize the urge to answer the calls of adventure. With a very limited time left to meet work deadlines and the eagerness to save more, I only had a number of short yet adventure packed and colorful domestic and international travels to wrap up 2016.


I literally dismissed those invitations of reaching mountain peaks with only one D-I-Y climb in Mt. Kalisungan, Laguna last year. I also practiced and held tight to the principles of budget backpacking when I visited Southern Cebu for the second time around to cut some of my travel spending. Without prior flight bookings, I think I will not be able to do out of the country trips or even afford to leave Manila at all.

gian05.wordpress.com|Mt. Kalisungangian05.wordpress.com | Southern Cebu Adventure


Despite of keeping my travels on a tight budget, 2016 has the most memorable international moments of my wandering life so far. I just happened to lived my Hallyu dream in my VERY late 20’s! Oh yeah, not just once, but twice! Born and raise in a tropical side of this earth, it is a dream come true to see the vibrant colors of spring and autumn in one of the most visited country today, South Korea.

gian05.wordpress.com|Autumn & Spring in South Korea

Furthermore, Southeast Asia never fails to complete the list of my yearly getaways. Thanks to my little sister who started to work in Indonesia, we had a cheap and discounted tours around Batam and Bintan Island for the first time. With the right connections, free accommodation and cheap flight bookings, we’re able to explore more these islands for less plus a whole day city tour in Singapore before flying back to Manila.

gian5.wordpress.com Indonesia and Singapore

Overall, my 2015 travel list seems to be too long in contrast to its succeeding year. 2016 may be filled with short trips but I can proclaim that this is the grandest trips I’ve ever had since I was bitten by the travel bug. With this travel accomplishment and those other sacrificial-not-this-year trips, I’m proud to say that I’m now ready to start the new year with new line-up of adventures. I’ve saved enough for more travels and is now free to corporate work obligations after resigning to my office job. 🙂 (I just can’t stop grinning every time it cross my mind that I don’t have to worry filing for vacation leaves.)

Thank you for all people who I have met during my travels. Thank you to my travel buddies who share the same exciting moments with me until the end of 2016 and to my family who supported the biggest decision I made this year. Wishing all of us a fulfilling 2017. Happy new year and more fun-filled adventure to us this coming months.


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