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After my post about my favorite cartoons and their theme song during my childhood days, I decided to share also the song and lyrics of my favorite educational/short story TV shows. I can still remember those days that I will wake up in the morning just to watch this. Even in school, there were days … Continue reading MY EDUCATIONAL TV SHOW



Just last night, me and my sister reminisced the days where in we are still capable of watching television before or after school. Years where assignments and projects are the things we have to finish after hours of lessons. Its just that, we missed the days when "WORKING TO EARN A LIVING" is not in … Continue reading CARTOON THEME SONG

ShOrt pOst lOokiNg bAck tHe lOng yEars oF sChoOLinG

Long & busy 16 unforgettable years. Yap, these are the years I spend to learn and acquire knowledge to be who I am today. 2 years in Preparatory school, 6 years in Intermediate Grade, 4 in High School and another 4 for College Level. Years of non-stop assignments, quizzes, exams, sleepless nights finishing countless project, … Continue reading ShOrt pOst lOokiNg bAck tHe lOng yEars oF sChoOLinG