Last year was the first year that I’ve started to be engross in reading novels and E-books during my free time. Reading books is a very addicting thing to do that is why I promised to myself that I will watch those movies base from some of the novels I have read that will be produce this 2013. I never forgot to include this task in my bucket list for this year just to make sure that I will accomplish this as soon as the movies be release in big screen. First movie that was produce in my list is THE HOST by Stephen Meyer.


I’m lucky enough to watched this in big screen on its last week of showing. Though as expected that the movie cannot justify the excitement and thrill the story send to me while reading the novel, still it’s a great production. Thanks for my sister for lending me her precious time to accompany me in the movie house to watch this🙂





Watching the SHOWTIME Grand finals a while ago and I just had the glimpse of ABS-CBN upcoming shows and watched their promotional advertisement of their new Korean drama series, HEARTSTRINGS and CITY HUNTER. I simultaneously watched these drama and I’m so excited for Filipinos to be able to see this! Watch out for these drama on ABS-CBN Channel 2 soon!😉





I’m currently following and enjoying the wait for the next episode of FLOWER BOY RAMYUN SHOP, one of the newest Korean drama currently airing in South Korea. I chose to wait for newest episodes of this drama in and found this account where in the user downloaded each episode in full including it’s TV commercial. How clever she is right?!😉 Though I am left hanging for a while in each episode and having in my mind that I need to wait for the two other episode next week, I still want to watch it as soon as he publish the newest episode. Well for those who don’t know the system of airing the dramas in South Korea, let me share some of the details I know that differs from Philippine teledrama / teleserye / telenovela base on watching them.😉

K = S. Korea        P = Philippines

K = A 16-28 episodes Korean drama is usually being aired in almost two-month long period of time

P = two months is far from 2 years! Oh, I’m just over reacting! Let’s make it 6 months to a year! (Oh my, but still!!!!!!!)

K =  Two (2) episodes where being aired in two (2) days for one (1) week with a minimum of 45 minutes each

P = Philippine drama will air our series  in five (5)  days a week (usually for my night vigils) for 30 minutes everyday! And you have to follow this for maybe a minimum of half a year for a complete finish! But swear, you can still do your duties and house chores while watching our drama! Trust me you can do it and you will need not to practice!😉

Back from watching the videos of episodes from Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. If your from Philippines and if ever your thinking of watching it through same user account I had, I will tell you not to be deceive when episode’s TV commercial appear, for you will miss a whole lot of action, drama and “kilig” if you leave your seats. I’m saying it right! If your already get used of doing other stuff while waiting for say, 5-10 TV ads and commercials in between our teleseryes every 5 minutes, don’t do it while watching Korean dramas for they only have 3 to 5 commercials every episode! Say 45 minutes + 2 minutes for commercials! That’s a lot different. How I wish we can change this routine with our TELESERYES!





Mario Maurer just had his visit here in Manila, Philippine as a new model for Penshoppe and to somehow promote his upcoming movie  with Philippine actress Erich Gonzales next year. And while waiting for the availability of 2PM’s ticket for their upcoming concert here in Manila this November, Kpop fans are also waiting to see Nichkhun as a member of this South Korean band. Both originated from Thailand but now popular in Philippines for their talents and charm! CUTE :)!  Though Nichkhun was raised in California USA, he is famous in South Korea as 2PM member while Mario gained his popularity in the country through his movie CRAZY LITTLE THINGS CALLED LOVE. So who will you prefer, NICHKHUN or MARIO!???






I just read a post about this entry in CINEMANILA International Film Festival for Young Cinema Shorts Competition that will be held at Market Market Cinemas, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig  this November 11 to 17.

One from those Philippine entry from around 80 international and local films that will be screened in a span of 7 days, from the current toasts of the local indie scene to the award-winners and favorites of prestigious festivals such as Cannes, Berlin, Rotterdam, Sundance, and Pusan. SARANGHAE MY TUTOR is a short film entry by Victor Villanueva.


Benjamin Fructoso Pilapil is a hopeless romantic, but he is more HOPELESS than a romantic.
He works at an ESL (English as Second Language) academy as an english tutor to Korean students in Cebu. His fate is about to change when he meets his new student, Mi-Ok, a beautiful Korean godsend to Ben’s life.
Can the language of love be taught? Or will it be misunderstood?

Hope I can watch this film soon! As Hallyu wave hits Cebu, Philippines, this short film is sure a big hit!🙂





After my post about my favorite cartoons and their theme song during my childhood days, I decided to share also the song and lyrics of my favorite educational/short story TV shows. I can still remember those days that I will wake up in the morning just to watch this. Even in school, there were days that we’ll gather in a room to watch this educational show before or after our teacher’s lesson. I dedicate this post to all of my age and for those who have live and raise together with these shows. ENJOY!



click here to listen…

Gusto kong liparin ang tayog ng ulap. Gusto kong sisisirin ang lalim ng dagat. Gusto kong akyatin ang tuktok ng bundok, tuklasin ang hiwagang sa puso ko’y bumabalot.

*** Hiraya manawari, Hiraya manwari, mga pangarap natin ating abutin. Sa lakas ng isipan, mabusilak na kalooban. Hiraya manawari, ating abutin. ang kapangyariha’y nasa puso natin.hiraya manawari, atiiiing abutin.

Kaya kong pakawalan ang liwanag sa aking puso. Kaya kong hawakan init ng aking pangarap. Kaya kong isabog liwanag na aking taglay. Liwanag na magsisilbing tanglaw ko sa patutunguhan. (Repeat ***)

Since its almost November and I really love this song from one of the episode in HIRAYA MANAWARI’s Halloween special, I like to share this song too. Episode starring Emman Abeleda and Cherry Pie Picache.

Binigyan ako ng isang mamera, ibibili ko ng isang kandila. Ibibili ko ng posporo. Isa dalawa tatlo. Pag sinindihan ko, di ko malilimutan ang alaala ng aking kaibigan.

I love this! The whole story is awesome. Friendship, family and love. I miss how Emman say “NAYNAY” to address her mom and how he mentioned some of the scientific names of those flowers in the cemetery, from what he learned from his botanist mother. (Hope that there is someone who can relate to me hehehe…)


click here to listen…

Ikaw ang unang nagbuo ng bayang Pilipino. Ikaw ang unang lumaban sa pananakop ng dayuhan. Ikaw ang nagsindi ng ilaw, ikaw ang nagbigay ng liwanag sa kahulugan at katwiran. Sa halaga ng kalayaan. Bayani, salamin ng aking buhay (salamin ng aking buhay). Bayani, ang liwanag sa isipan. Bayaning tanglaw sa aking daan. Bayani…. Bayani…. Bayani….



click here to listen…

Tuwing pahina’y binubuklat nararating ko ang gubat. Naririnig ko ang himig ng dumadaloy na batis Hinahangkan ako ng hangin mula kung saang lupain.

***Pahina ako’y iyong dalhin sa magaganda at malalayong lupain. Pahina sa akin ay iparining ang pintig ng pusong umiibig. Pahina sa akin ay ipaalam ang tamis ng pagmamahalan. Pahina sa akin ay ipadama takot at pangamba, sakit at saya. Na na na na na na…

Tuwing pahina’y sinasarhan buhay nama’y binubuksan. Handa na kong umibig at damhin ang saya’t sakit. Haharapin ko ang hamon Ng bawat sandali at panahon




Wansapanataym sa aking buhay napawi ang lumbay napuno ng kulay. Mga pangarap ko doon ay nagkatotoo. Wansapanataym babalik ka kahit sa panaginip lang… (I don’t know the exact lyrics of this one hehehe =)

Well, these are the shows I really love and missed to watch nowadays. How I wish ABS CBN will be able to produce shows like this again to improve the Filipino values of our young generation. SINESKWELA, MATHENIK and others are also good educational shows, but above list are the best for me!


Just last night, me and my sister reminisced the days where in we are still capable of watching television before or after school. Years where assignments and projects are the things we have to finish after hours of lessons. Its just that, we missed the days when “WORKING TO EARN A LIVING” is not in our mind until we graduated in college. =)

Looking back starts from collecting and mentioning title of those cartoon series we had watch and singing while correcting the lyrics of their theme song. Its fun and we can’t help but to laugh while forcing our minds to remember all the song’s lyrics. So for us to have a copy and be able to remember it, I decided to put in here some of the lyrics of songs from our favorite TAGALIZED cartoon. hehehe…


Nakita ko ang larawan mo at muling ngbalik sa akin ang lahat. Ang malambing na bulong mong ako ang nagbibigay ng musika sa mundo. Sinabi mong ako ang himig ng iyong biyulin, mga labi ko’y rosas na ginto. At ikaw ang pintor ng aking daigdig. Kinulayan natin ang mundo, parang bahaghari. At ang kagandahan nito’y naging makislap pa sa araw. Isang yapos na mahigpit mula sayo mahal at mgkasama tayong dalawa’y pinakabuhay.

*** Though I’m not sure of the last word…LOL


Hawiin mo na ang iyong luha, piliting tawanan ang problema, Habang bata ay magsaya, makulay ang mundo basta’t mangarap ka. Sa bawat pagsubok na makikita, wag mong hayaang madapa ka. Tibayan mo ang loob, pagkatapos ng unos ligaya ang dulot. Sadyang ganyan ang buhay kailangan magsanay. Mapaglarong tadhana susubukin ang tibay. Kaya’t kumilos ka mag-isip, mag-aral, magandang bukas sayo ay nakalaan…. 

*** Love the lyrics of this song! Very encouraging especially during our school days! I guess that’s 15 years ago! Hehehe…


Kami’y narito asahan nyong magtatanggol. Makikipaglaban para sa kapayapaan. Ang lahat ng nilalang dito ay may karapatan (sa magandang bukas). Kung merong gumugulo ay wag mag-alala. Kami ang dakilang tagapagtanggol niyo, sa lahat ng oras handa kaming tumulong. Ang aming mga kapangyarihan, alay sa karapatan. Kami’y narito asahan nyong magtatanggol. Makikipaglaban para sa kapayapaan at kaayusan, kami’y asahan niyo hanggang sa dulo ng mundo!

***Hehehe I miss POOH!


Aking Ina, mahal kong Ina, pagmamahal mo aking Ina. Yakap mo sa akin hinahanap ko. Init ng pag-ibig, duyan ng iyong bunso. Sa gitna ng pagkakahimbing, yakap mo ang gigising!

*** Repeat the whole lyrics two times (2x) =)


Habang nabubuhay may pag-asa, kahit may pagdurusa, kahit kay hirap pa. Huwag mag-alala, manalig ka lagi kang may kasama, may kaibigan ka. At kung ikaw ay nalulungkot at kung ikaw ay natatakot, wala kang gagawin kundi ako’y tawagin. Ako si BLINK! Sa bawat oras nariyan, tutulong sa nangangailangan ako’y maaasahan.

*** This a combination of opening and the closing theme song but I guess it’s the the exact song.


Ikaw ang laging kong hinahanap, kasama kang lagi sa pangarap. Ang gusto’y lagi kang nakikita, marahil nga ay mahal kita. Liwanag ng buwan sa kalawakan, hinahatid ka sa king isipan. Paano ba kita makaka-usap, ikaw sa akin ang lahat. Sana bawat saglit laging kapiling ka. Pag-ibig mo sana’y madama. Tuwing kasama kita sa pangarap, nadarama’y wala ng katulad. Ligayang dulot nito sa king puso, sana ay di na magwakas. Sana’y di na magwakas!

*** First song that I love from my first love anime!!! TUXEDO MASK this song is for you! Hehehe


Tibay ng loob, tiwala sa sarili mga katangiang taglay. Pag-asa at katatagan para sa payapang sandaigdigan. Busilak ang kalooban, lahat ng bagay makakamtan basta’t ito’y para sa kabutihan. Busilak ang kalooban, lahat ng bagay makakamtan basta’t ito’y para sa kabutihan. (PAG-IBIG, KATATAGAN AT PAG-ASA!!!!)

*** In parenthesis is the lines from the man cast: LIAN, SHINE and CHA CHA =)!


Kapag bumilog na ang mundo, iikot din ang buhay ng tao. May saya at mayroong dusa wag lang tayo magpapatalo. Kung ikaw ay nag-iisa sa landas na ‘yong tinatahak, wag mawawalan ng pag-asa sa mithiing pakikibaka. Si Julio at Julia Kambal ng tadhana. Di susuko sa pagsubok. Kapag umikot na ang buwan, bago pa sumikat ang araw, bagong pag-asa’y matatanaw tadhana na ang siyang pupukaw. Kapag bumilog na ang mundo, iikot din ang buhay ng tao, bagong pag-asa’y matatanaw tadhana na ang siyang pupukaw. Bagong pag-asa’y matatanaw tadhana na ang siyang pupukaw.

*** I remember that when I watch this, I wish to have a twin! hehehe


Ngunit hanggang kailan, hanggang kailan ito mananatiling panaginip. Sabik na ko sabik na ko sa yong yakap at halik. Kailan, kailan ko malalaman ang itatawag sa isang mukhang walang pangalan. Sabik na akong ikaw ay makilala ko. 

*** This is just the closing and opening song. Wish ABS CBN produce the whole tagalog version of the song!

Base with these cartoon, I can only say that I was raised with cartoons from ABS CBN. Except from Sailor Moon which I guess has been aired in Chanel 5 during my days, Channel 2 is the best station for me when it comes to choosing cartoons. How I wish “CEDIE: Ang Munting Prinsipe” and “SARAH: Ang Munting Prinsesa” also have their tagalog opening and closing theme! Right???!