Korean Dramas in the Philippines are a big hits in television nowadays. Whether it is being aired in ABS-CBN Channel 2, GMA Channel 7, or any other channels, surely it will build a high ratings for the station. But for a person like me, who happen to be busy as a bee, watching through internet, during lunchbreaks in our workplace or staying up late everyday, is the best way to finished a korean drama series. (I give up buying pirated VCD’s nowadays, not because it’s a no no by law okay! It’s just that, I’m not that good in Korean language, so  “A GOOD SUBTITLE IS A MUST”  lol and a pirated VCD’s oftentimes can’t offer that!) So I would like to take this opportunity to  thank all those hard-working Korean-English Translators out there for giving us, korean drama fanatics, a quality standard english subbed korean dramas… Keep it up guys! So here are the lists of Korean Dramas I have shed tears, fall in love with, dance and sang with, laugh with, and the reasons of nth times sleepless night. Reasons why I’m still pursuing to learn more HANGUL and the reasons why there are times people will have this look as if saying…”are you nuts??? nababaliw na naman si Gian!” AIGOO!!! CREDITS TO STAR.KOREANDRAMA.ORG FOR LINKS INFO! ***note:  This a continuous collections of series I’ve watch and currently following as of the moment. Expect for more dramas to come. Happy Reading!                                                            

1.)   L o V e r S   i N   P a r I s  

Actually, this is the second drama I watched in ABS-CBN. First is the TRUTH  but since I’m not an korean drama addict before and find it not catchy at first, I don’t find the story that interesting so I allow that series to slip in my hands! hehehehe… The story of Vivian (Kim Jung Eun) and Sir Carlo (Park Shin Yang)! Aja Aja! Fighting! These are the lines I will never forget in this drama. Vivian is just so cute holding a fist to cheer herself before breaking a leg to boost her confidence! How she manage to work as a housekeeper ( leaving all those notes to remind her boss what to do inside the house while she was away studying ) and captivated the  cold hearted man, Carlo, who eventually fall in love with her. ***

2.)   S a V e   t H e   L a s T   d A n c E   f O r   m E  

The love story of Francis (Ji Sung) and Sandy (Eugene) through the midst of unknown past and a develop love for each other. Love that soon forgotten as Francis engaged in an accident and regain his lost memories but unfortunately lost the memories of days he met and love Sandy in return. As Sandy learned about this, he looked for the man he love who leave her behind and continue to live the life he only know. Until they meet again and fall in love for the second time around. But Sandy don’t want to be a burden to him and left Francis without him knowing when she was hit by a car and get paralyzed. But time comes when Francis remember all lost memories and eventually seek Sandy again. The drama ended where Sandy is practicing to walk again while Francis support her walk…. LOVE IT!***

3.)   m E m 0 R i e S   i N   B a L i 

This korean drama has a harsh twisted ending just like the TRUTHHa Ji Won (Erica Lee) a hired  tour guide agent meet the other characters, whose having a love triangle affair, eventually meet during their vacation in Bali Indonesia. Four people dealing with their own personal problems in life. So Ji Sub (Ryan Kang), is a poor but ambitious ex-lover of Park Ye Jin (Nina Choi) who broke up with him to be the fiance of  rich man Jo In Sung (Paolo Jung) whose parents is obliging him for an arranged marriage to Nina. The four learn more about each other secrets in life. Return to Seoul for various reasons, the four meet each other once more, with both Ryan and Paolo fall for Erica. Jealous Nina on the other hand do whatever it takes to get what she wants and ended marrying Paolo whose still in love with Erica. Various things happen that leads Ryan and Erica in Bali again. Secretly following them, Paolo shot them when he saw the two on the same bed. Out of guilt and hatred when he hears Erica’s dying words of  love for him, he commits suicide in the beach of Bali. See! Whatever happened in Bali, never stayed in Bali!***

4.)  J e W e l   i N   t H e   P a l A c e

This is a historical drama (based on a true story) which takes the viewer back 500 years to the Chosun Dynasty when Korean society was dominated by a rigid hierarchy of male dominance. During this time, there was a legendary young girl by the name of Jang-Geum (Lee Young-Ae), who became the first women to be the supreme royal physician. Jang-Geum overcame the male dominated socio-economic structure and her low class female stature to make the greatest achievement during her time. She quickly moved up the social ladder by first becoming a royal cook, then becoming a royal physician, and then ultimately landing the job of being the King’s personal physician. The King even gave her the famous nickname, “The Great Jang-Geum.”*** 

5.)  f O r b I d D e N   L o v E    (T a l E   o F   a   G u M i H o)

Shi Yeon (Kim Tae Hee) is a Nine-Tailed Fox living undercover in the human world. She has a dark past when her whole family was massacred, leaving her an orphan. By day, Shi Yeon is an employee at a natural history museum. By night, she’s a top-ranking woman warrior in the Nine-Tailed Fox clan, charged with preserving the delicate balance between man and fox. But her world is sent spinning when an atrocious serial murder, where the victims have had their internal organs gouged out is uncovered. Detective Min Woo (Jo Hyun Jae) believes the murders may relate to the organ trafficking trade, and goes undercover in a seedy organ smuggling ring. But Min Woo’s cover is blown, and it’s only through the intervention Nine-Tailed Fox warrior Mu Young (Jun Jin) and Shi Yeon that he’s able to survive! But he’s seen their true identities as Nine-Tailed Foxes that lead him to be the next target for Shi Yeon to maintain the balance world of both man and fox.***

6.)  p R i n C e s S   h O u r S   (G o O n g) 

   I watched this in tagalog dubbed here in the Philippines. Janelle (Yoon Eun Hye) is an ordinary girl living a common life with her family is destined to marry, whoever is the crown prince in her time, according to the promise and agreement of her grandfather who is a friend of the late King of S. Korea. Gian (Joo Ji Hoon) on the other hand is force to get married since his father is seriously ill and the Royal Family needs a Crown Prince to take over the throne if the situation requires. Though Gian is in love with Monique (Song Ji Hyo) a skilled ballerina, he married Janelle after Monique choose her career over him.  At first, he was irritated by her naivete and enthusiasm, but as he recognizes how genuinely sweet she is, he begins to open his heart to her, and falls in love. Janelle, learning how to act as the crown princess and dealing to a man knowing he’s in love with someone, have found a friend in the palace with Troy (Kim Jeong Hoon). Troy is Gian’s cousin who is supposed to be the crown prince but was been kicked outside the palace after his father died. Troy fall in love to Janelle but the girl only treat her as a friend and in-law for she is already in love to Gian. Four characters made their own way to win the heart of their love but it’s a Gian and Janelle in the end!***

7.)   w H i C h   s T a r   a R e   y O u   f r 0 M  

The first ever korean drama that hooks and moves me. Kim Rae Won and Jeong Ryu Won(Hehehe si Director Choi at Aning (Angelyn, her real name when she got back to her true family). A story of true love against the issues of the past (Director Choi and Hye-Su’s  failed relationship because of their accident  and the sudden death of  Hye-Su) and the stand of Aning’s mother to end their relationship after she found out that Aning is her long lost daughter  who happened to be the younger sister of  Director Choi’s former girlfriend Hye-Su. Natatawa ako, just remember that scene when Director Choi run for his life during the attacked of a wild boar, and how Aning rendered a song in exchange for her birthday speech in her first birthday celebration with her true family. Pero sabi nga, sa hinaba-haba man ng prusisyon, true love will conquer it all! Director Choi fight for her girl this time and win her, thing that he never done to Hye-su. It is indeed, DESTINY! ***

8.)   S p R ! n G   w A L t z  

 Just learned that this is the final series of the seasonal drama for the preceding trilogy of  AUTUMN IN MY HEART, WINTER SONATA & SUMMER SCENT. (Hehehe infainess naman di ko napanood ung tatlo, di ko nakumpleto ang four seasons!) And so the story goes. A love story of peoples who by chance looks back to childhood memories just to realize their love for each other grow fonder through the years that passed. Seo Do Young as Christian Eun and Han Hyo Joo as Arriane (Filipino subbed) met each other in this remote island during their childhood days but, been separated by an incident,  keep their young love for each other in their hearts. Years passed, they meet again with two other characters, Philip and Lee-Na, who both put challenge and trials in their relationship. As their love for each other starts to develop, truth unfolds though they struggle to overcome and forget the sad memories of their pass. (How Arriane’s mother died through a car accident while chasing  Christian’s father who stole the money Arriane’s mother saving for Arriane’s surgery).  But in the end, just like flowers in spring, their love for each other continue to bloom and overlook those painful memories in the past. ***

9.)  m Y   g I r L  

  A comedy-romance Korean Drama. Comedy, as in a real one with the ooze of romantic cute scenes from the main cast. Joo Yoo Rin (Lee Da Hae) is a tourist guide in a company that runs mini tours in Jeju Island. An ordinary woman using her skill to speak fluently in Chinese and Japanese because of her moving from country to country with her gambling-addict father just to escape debt collectors. I can say, she just love money! Ahahaha… badly needed it in able to survive from day to day life with her father. Because of this, she accept the job order of  rich heir hotel owner Seol Gong Chan (Lee Dong Wook) to post as his long lost cousin until he found the real one, to grant the wish of his ill grandfather. Their plans went smoothly at first until Gong Chan’s ex-girlfriend Kim Seo Hyun (Park Si Yeon) have her way to win him back and his bestfriend, Seo Jung Woong (Lee Jun Ki) fall in Yoo Rin. To complicate their plans more, Gong Chan and Yoo Rin found themselves falling for each other. Eventually, they found the real cousin of Gong Chan and revealed Yoo Rin true identity to his grandfather and their love for one another.***

10.)  O n L y   y O u   

The first ever Korean drama I watch that revolves in cooking and tour me the sights of Italy. Eun Jae (Han Chae Young) was a stubborn and head-strong girl who had a passion for cooking. She did not have any interest in going to college and with the help of her high school friend whose in love with her they ran away to Italy to enroll in a cooking school. Han Yi-Joon (Jo Hyun Jae) on the other hand, came from a wealthy family. He travelled to Italy looking for his mother and there he ran into Eun Jae, who had also been seeking the same person to learn the secrets to making great pasta. She comforted Yi-Joon, who was distraught over his mother’s remarrying, and they ended up making love. Yi Joon left Eun Jae the next morning over some misunderstanding. Eun Jae became pregnant and had no choice but to give up her dream and to return to Korea. 6 years later, Eun Jae was working in low paying restaurant jobs, Yi-Joon started to take over the operations of his family’s business, and Hyun Sung was working as a chef for one of the restarurants owned by Yi-Joon and managed by Ji Soo Yeon (Hong Soo Hyun). Hyun Sung was good with Eun Jae’s son not knowing that he’s the real father of the child. He was helping out Eun Jae’s whole family financially as they had fallen on hard times. Yi-Joon found out that he still had feelings for Eun Jae as they ran into each other when he was looking for a new chef for his restaurant. Truth unfolds, and the two fall in love again for the second time around.***

11.)   B o Y s   o V e r   f L o w E r  

South Korea’s remake of Taiwan’s Meteor Garden with their own set of F4 starring Lee Min Ho as Gu Joon Pyo, Kim Hyun Joong as Yoon Ji Hoo, Kim Bum as So Yi Jung and Kim Joon as Song Woo Bin together with the average girl Koo Hye Sun as Geum Jan Di. Four new handsome faces for us new generations! (swoonnnnnn!!! LOL). F4 coming from the richest family/clan not just in Korea but around the globe meet ordinary girl Jan Di, daughter of a laundry shop owner near their prestige Shin Hwa University. Jan Di, able to enter the said university as a scholar in the swimming team, force to declare war against F4 leader Goo Jun Pyo to save her friend. During the process of torturing Jan Di because of standing against F4, Jun Pyo found himself intrigue and eventually falling to Jan Di who is different to other girls he met. He tried to win Jan Di’s heart in his own known way (glamorous things money can buy, as usual!) but Jan Di’s heart only sees Yoon Ji Hoo who is unfortunately in love to his childhood friend/first love and F4 bestfriend Min Seo Hyun (Han Chae Young). But events leads their live out of their control. Jan Di started to fall in love with Jun Pyo because of his continuous hardships and obvious affection to her while Ji Hoo turn his love towards her. Two man established a rivalry over Jan Di but Ji Hoo, together with the other F4, help them both and give way to their relationship when Jun Pyo force by his mother to marry the daughter of  rich family. In the end, Jun Pyo’s and Jan Di’s love for each other surpass all the trials and have their relationship lasts till the end! After Story, a four special episodes finished the story of F4 series after five long years! Answer to popular demands, this episodes surely made me love the series even more.***

12.)  H e ‘ s   b E a u T i f u L 

    The first ever korean series dubbed in Tagalog featuring the one and only ever cutest… Ta-daaaaa!!!! Jang Geun Suk (hehehehe) as Hwang Tae Kyung together with Park Shin Hye as Go Mi Nam (male version) or Go Min Nyeo (Female version), and the leader/vocalist of popular bands Lee Hong Ki (F.T. Island) as Jeremy and Jung Yong Hwa (C.N. Blue) as Kang Shin Woo. The story begins with the three members of the band known as A.N.J.E.LL currently looking for a fourth member to join the band. Go Mi Nam passed the audition but unable to meet the band members because he had a major operation in America. With his manager’s idea, his twin sister Go Mi Nyeo knowing the current condition of his brother, skillfully pretend and act as Go Mi Nam. Though her act is good, her true identity was soon revealed to keen eyes of Kang Shin Woo who eventually fall for her same as Jeremy, though having a hard time to suppress his feelings towards her knowing that he is a man and don’t want to conclude himself as a gay! (hehehee funny Jeremy!) Hwang Tae Kyung on the other hand, discover her secret accidentally while saving her during their fight. (Remember that scene when Go Mi Nam get in top of a  truck to hide from Hwang Tae Kyung then suddenly the vehicle starts and move! Just like a scene in Meteor Garden, Dao Ming Azi chasing Chan Chai in the bus! cuteeeeee….) The rest of the story deals with the three protecting Mi Nyeo not to be revealed to the “Management” handling them and to the fans until the come back of Mi Nam. Well, its a Tae Kyung and Mi Nyeo in the end. MINAMISINEYO!!!!***

13.)   L o V e    S t O r y   I n   H a r v A r d  

The story takes place in guess where!!! ta—-da!!! in Harvard University USA! hehhee isn’t it obvious?? Kim Tae Hee as Lee Soo In is a foreign medical student in Harvard University who take initiative to save a man who accidentally got choke while dining in a restaurant. Since she’s just a student, and the patient went in a comatose after the first aid/surgery Lee Soo In gave to him, his immediate family sue and filed a case against Lee Soo In of medical malpractice without license, something like that! ahahaa… Kim Rae Won as Kim Hyun Woo a law student who is secretly in love with her together with his classmate and rival Hong Jung Min (Lee Jung Jin), do their best to save Lee Soo In in order to save and free her in her case. They win the case and eventually flew back to Korea to pursue their dreams after they graduated. Lee Soo become a volunteer to some part in the globe but soon return to Korea where both men having their own name as lawyers… Romantic trio continue but Lee Soo and Kim Hyun stay together in the end! (Medical and law terms are highly appreciated in this drama!)***

14.)  p R i n C e   H o U r s   (g O 0 n G   S) 

A spinoff of Goong (Princess Hours). A story of young man Kang Hoo (Se7en) who later change his name to Lee Hoo as he enter the palace to train as crown prince, the next successor of the throne. Inside the palace, he met his childhood friend Yang Soon Ae (Heo Yi Jae), a palace maid who is secretly in love with him since their childhood days. Lee Joon (Kang Doo), his cousin and rival in the throne also have his eyes in Yang Soon though his parents made a marriage agreement with Shin Sae Ryung’s (Park Shin Hye) family. On the other hand, Shin Rae Ryung who dream to be the next queen, fell in love with Lee Hoo but been rejected for the man is really in love with Yang Soon Ae. As the two candidates struggle to surpass different challenges to be the crown prince and be the best man for Yang Soon Ae, Lee Hoo learn to improve himself from an ordinary guy raised outside the palace to a crown prince who will be serving his people as the future king someday. Lee Joon give up to have the throne when he realize the greed of his father over the power that surely he will attain being the crown prince and because of the issue their family had encounter. Shin Sae Ryung and Lee Joon left the palace and pursue their own dreams. Though they had misunderstandings during the process of determining the future king, both established a good friendship with the king Lee Hoo and queen Yang Soon Ae.***

15.)   P e r F e c t   M a t c H  

What the hell! This is the second time around ABS CBN is dubbing a Lee Min Ho Drama Series after Boys Over Flower so why would I not watch this! As Gino, Lee Min Ho together with Son Ye Jin as Jillien makes a cute couple when they live together in one roof as Gino pretend to be needing a bed space in Jillien’s house with her permission for she’s needing money and knowing that he is a gay! While Gino having his own motive in engaging himself to Jillien’s house, (to know the secret of a project plan his firm is working with), he found himself falling for her. Jillien on the other hand, having hard time to accept the fact that she’s  falling with a gay! But as the truth unfolds when Jillien’s father came back to Korea (Gino’s motive in entering the house, and Jillien’s and her father misunderstanding about the past) and their relationship had overcome its ups and downs, the couple have the blessings of their parents and ended the drama in a “super-kilig” finale! Surely, it’s really a perfect match! ***note:  This is a continuous collection of series I’ve watch and currently following as of the moment. Expect for more dramas to come. Below are the additional dramas I’ve watched after above post. To know more, click on the  Korean Drama Title to read my write-ups and reviews about it. Happy Reading! 

16)Dream High     17)Mae-Ri Stayed Out All Night     18)My Princess     19)My Girlfriend is a Gumiho     20)Secret Garden     21)Playful Kiss     22)Beethoven Virus     23)49 Days / Pure Love     24)City Hunter     25)Heartstrings     26) Shining Inheritance     27) My Fair Lady     28) Cinderella Man     29) Scent of A Woman     30) Sungkyunkwan Scandal     31) Flower Boy Ramyun Shop     32) Protect the Boss       33) Glory Jane     34) Iris     35) Rooftop Prince     36.) Love Rain     37) BIG     38) Lie to Me     39) Arang and the Magistrate     40) Queen In-Hyun’s Man     41) Me Too Flower     42) Innocent Man     43) To the Beautiful You     44) Faith     45) Gu Family Book     46) Time Slip Dr. Jin     47) Shut up Flower Boy Band     48) The Moon Embracing The Sun     49) The Heirs     50) Pretty Boy (Bel Ami)     51) My Love From Other Stars     52) Master’s Sun     53) I Can Hear Your Voice     54) Mimi     55) Who Are You     56) The Goddess of Fire     57) Emergency Couple     58) Jang Ok Jung: Live in Love     59) New Heart     60) Gentlemen’s Dignity     61) Doctor Stranger     62) Full House     63) Good Doctor     64) Medical Top Team     65) Angel Eyes     66) The Princess Man     67) It’s Okay, It’s Love     68) Seoul’s Sad Song     69) Pinocchio     70) My Lovable Girl

Share your own list or please recommend your best choice of Korean drama series and I will surely appreciate it and look for time to watch those dramas! 감사합니다!!!


24 thoughts on “MY BEST KOREAN DRAMA

    1. Glad that there are lots of people who love to watch Korean dramas! If you can recommend other great Kdrama, I will surely appreciate it! 🙂

    1. Thank you for dropping by in my blog Anon… We all have are different preferences so I won’t argue with you if Goong S is good or not. And as I had mention in the first part of this page, listed here are those Korean dramas I’ve watched ever since and Goong S is one of it. I love Park Shin and Seven by the way! 🙂

  1. Best is MY GIRL. rest of korean drama sucks. Mainly because most of them do not know how to act. Only thing all are good for crying at their best. LEE DA HAE rocks.

    I could not imagine another actress can pull her role. I watched SHK mess up vomit scene first episode of full house. That shows how much LDH better than every one else. She is queen.

  2. hi giAn! just wanted to say I love the dramas you’ve also watched. I swear Im such a fan of them. Im just wondering, do you know other dramas shown or ended by 2009? Im really looking for this drama to watch it again but i can’t remember cause i was younger then. It’s about this girl who was really a princess but something happened and she was stolen as a baby and adopted by i think the person who stole her(basically “not her real father”). The emperor(i think her grandfather?) found her because of her heart shaped birthmark. She then gets engaged to the crowned prince.etc stuff happens. In the end her grandfather*(the emperor) gets sick and can’t go to do foreign businesses anymore so the princess, goes to leave in a plane to make the royal connections with other countries and stuff…thanks

    1. Hi Legitanon! Thanks for dropping by… If I’m not mistaken, you are looking for the Taiwanese Drama “ROMANTIC PRINCESS” aired in Philippines last 2008. As far as I remember, the main male character here is the same actor from HANA KIMI. You can do some research about this for more details. Hope you find what you’re looking for! 🙂

  3. Funny how we have the same taste of Korean dramas. Haha. Well.. except for Prince Hours. I love Se7ven Shin Hye but I practically don’t like how the story goes even if it was somewhat similar to Princess Hours. Try Reply 1997.

    1. Thanks for your recommendation… Just checked Reply 1997 today and I suddenly remembered Dream High.
      I will definitely watch this and put it next on my list. Thanks again!!

  4. hi, gIan I lovE korean drama too actually I have my own collection . since I was 12 .. try to watch bRide of the century .. i know that you will love it. 🙂 Godbless ..

  5. I have my own list of kdrama and some of the good ones that aren’t on your list above are:
    Flower boy next door(sort of light drama)
    Missing you(heavy drama)
    Operation proposal(i love the boy lead! <3)
    Wish upon a star(with an average 'kilig' effect drama)
    ~but as i've said the above mentioned kdrama's are just the 'good' ones but I don't highly recommend it to you.
    Here are the list:
    The Heirs**(it's soo interesting at the first half but gets annoying at the other half)
    Bride of the Century***
    Prime Minister and I***
    Two weeks***
    Witch's romance***
    I HEAR YOUR VOICE***(w/ extra **)
    Skip beat**
    Cruel city***
    DOCTOR STRANGER***(w/ extra ***)
    God's Gift***(w/ extra *)
    I need romance 2 **
    Fated to love you**
    Marriage not dating***
    PINOCCHIO***(w/ extra ***)
    Oh! My Lady***
    Full house Take 2***
    That's it for now, i think its too much hihi
    If you're gonna watch my highly recommended list, do first with the one's w/ ** rank because if you start with those highly ranked you will get disappointed watching the other drama's not just the one's in my list but even other existing 'asian' dramas.
    Thank you! Hope u enjoy! Fighting!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. Wow Celina… this is, as in, A LOT! Already watch The Heirs, Doctor Stranger and I Hear your Voice and I will start to collect copies of the rest. Thank you for your time listing all these dramas. 🙂

  6. Cant believe Choi Ji-woo’s dramas were not included here, not even 1. As for me “The Truth” is the classic drama that depicts reality. It’s sad but poor people are often used by rich. It is an eye opener, worth watching I must say!!

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