This is ME and my blog…

Thanks for dropping by in this little space of mine. All my friends call me Gian or Angie, but close friends prefer to use Gian to address me. I’m a middle child with two sisters and brothers, living with my loving parents in the Philippines! (Did I here an introduction portion in a beauty contest there???)

This is a “NON-THEME” blog and I’m no professional blogger nor the Best-in-English-Grammar person so please excuse some of my grammatical errors. This blog aims to share anything I can write from foods, travels, personal issues, thoughts and ideas and anything under the sun that may interest me. I’M A KOREAN FANATIC! There’s no doubt I’m one of those Hallyu fanatics and I guess there’s nothing wrong with it. Expect this blog filled with Korean drama, Hallyu and events featuring Korean sensations and stuffs like that. Inspite of it, I’m still a true blooded Filipina, a proud one! Discover attractions of my country as you read my post of travels and trips together with friends.

What to eXpect in mY bLog…

Aside from what I mention as a Korean Fanatic, I’m still a simple Filipina living a simple life here in the Philippines and enjoying things world can offer. Expect me to share moments with my family, friends and me alone while I live my life to the fullest. Note that topics below will be spreading like a wildfire in this little space.

* Hallyu Stuff (The “Korean thing”)
* My travels (from mountain to the sea)
* GIGS, FanCams and concerts
* Drama Reviews (Mostly Korean Dramas)
* Book/Novel list or updates (I’m a bookworm)
* Food (Always famish!)
* My pains, anger and happiest moments!

What I expect from my readers…

Feel free to leave comments and give suggestions after reading but please…
* Avoid commenting using foreign languages that’s unknown for most readers. Meaning, I prefer ENGLISH comments from you guys.
* Don’t judge, accuse or throw bad words against me if my thoughts are against your own ideas. Feel free to share your thoughts on my post in a nice way.
* Credit me whenever you share or repost my work. That’s my prerogative! LOL

Happy reading everyone. Hoping that by sharing my opinions and ideas here, you will learn from me and in return, I will gain knowledge from your comments and recommendations. THANKS!


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